What’s more important, what I think and feel or what I do? Which of this if any would be found valuable to my children, my grandchildren?

I was there when telephones had no buttons or dials. When the first TV’s were brought unwittingly into our homes. When cars were big and clunky and the old man with the pony came through our neighborhood to take our pictures on his long-maned steed with his old 8×10 plate field camera.

I was in Central Park when the flag of the North Vietnamese was lifted to the top of the fountain statue in protest of that war, was around when B-52s which my dad drafted plans for were bombing in Korea. I worked in a factory that was making missiles and flipped burgers in a drive-in. I sang in the church choir and joined the Army Reserves to keep from getting killed.

I’ve seen colors bathing in unsuspected places and heard sounds that can transport one to other realms. In these places I find meaning and solace. In these I find interpretations of what we call normal waking reality.  In normal waking  reality, I find rich and wonderful things that tie these two seemingly unconnected realms together. I feel more fluid speaking in terms of color, scent and touch.

What is more important is what YOU think and feel. It affects what you do and is affected by what you do. Where  my thoughts and yours meet, I want to present words and images that stimulate something in your own mind. Messages that you translate into your own inner language and take from them what meaning you most need at the moment. Some are poetic, some essays, all fragments of memoir in the birthing.

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    Whoops! Wandered onto the wrong site. I was looking for a porn site featuring the sex life of the Tasmanian Wombat. Heh.

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