bannini & chinasky

So, is it that I think my life is too boring now
and maybe it was less so in years past?

Maybe so but, I think that I may be able
to get my writing to sort of run along with things
and eventually catch up

or is it the other way around, that my
activities may get more interesting if my life catches up
with my writing?

Now I’m confused.

Nothing new.

I watched the film
based on John Fante’s story
“Ask the Dust”.
It really brought
his writing to life and also
the anguish of his persona.

And also, how his writing
was an immediate recording of events,
laced with some fictional embellishment.

I can see his influence in Bukowski’s writing
very clearly.

When I read either’s work, I get the feeling
I’m just sitting there listening – rather
having a conversation with, them — there
voice on the page, mine in my head.

Their experiences sound so familiar
and their tone so much like that of a close friend.

I think this is going to be a great help
in getting the plug pulled for me s
o that my words can flow.
They are certainly dancing around
in my head all the time lately.

Maybe it will help my constipation too.

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