filling a vacuum

Totally ethereal, that’s what I have decided to become
as an artist and poet, my work shall reside only in the ether
and expire when my accounts with service providers do

Left vulnerable to theft and loss at the slightest digital whim
they will be suspended in the virtual domain rather than print
or hanging on a wall or lying on a coffee table somewhere

I want to be creating things that have some meaning
beyond beautifying someone’s rooms or ego
or merely offering vacuous pleasure though that does sound alright

And maybe that’s really all there is, vacuous pleasure
or even vacuous pain for that matter as a contrasting background
of emptiness just waiting to be filled with my works

So get ready to suck them in and see what they do for you
let them slowly sink in to your consciousness since they are free
and find the energy there to inspire your own outpouring love.

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