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I’m Back

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

I’m back, I’m back
but I am a hack

Whatever my rack
I cut myself slack

when I should
be shooting for good

I end up bad
and ultimately sad

for my words
are like turds

and my pics
are deep six

I’m a hack
an artistic quack

I should be proud
and proclaim aloud

that these marks
like infinite sparks

are masterful strokes
and not childish jokes

So let not my mediocrity
be my final biography

for I’ve seen that shyte
can truly take flight

from out in the cold
to swimming in gold

I’ve heard many a rap
that was totally crap

so I accept
that the inept

is often seen
as really keen

Its really the frame
that is to blame

for making junk
loose its funk

to take center stage
and become a new rage

Right on
write on

let it flower
and take on power

from the funk
to the monk

stop being glower
and let the words shower

Pfffft …