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Monday, June 28th, 2010

No one wants to take responsibility anymore
No one wants to stand up and be counted
No one wants to be bothered

Everyone wants someone else to take responsibility
Everyone waits for someone else to do something
Everyone wants to be left alone

What ever happened to integrity
What ever happened to the can-do spirit
What ever happened to community

Slackers, blame shifters, cowards and sloths
all shouting give me and expecting it for free
without a thought of sharing or conserving

So use it all up, and when its all gone shut up your face
and die in your rotting hovel surrounded by your waste
and become fertilizer for my roses.

ADD – attentive determination directive

Monday, June 28th, 2010

Scattered fragments of engagement mark my days with mileposts
that tether my path in winding arcs of illumination

through rhythmic meanderings into threads of iconic symbols
of newly formed realities that at once transcend the mundane

revealing the unending beginningless pulse
that must be the unity — The Unity

out of which this chaotic bliss emerges one beautiful riff after another
bouncing from decades past into decades yet to come reverberating

now as anachronistic visions crossing my movings and populating my world
with meanings yet to be deciphered from chunks of thought and fact, soft and hard

as I bounce from one thing to another weaving my attended overload order
from what others turn from in fear and disgust to ignore treasures unfound;

I love this process that is nothing but process unending until I tell it to
and damn it, my mouth is shut — it is eternal and who am I to stop it?