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self esteem

Friday, February 5th, 2010

The height of self esteem is buying yourself
a 93 million dollar statue.

The value is not the piece of art but the buyers ego.

There is about 20 dollars of metal, a few hundred in casting fees
and transportation plus

the artists other amortized expenses, though the artist is dead.

Its value comes as a competitive number in an auction
which is just another pissing contest for the wealthy.

The piece itself is not so special, really.

Buy a country, buy a statue, be the biggest.
the ultimate in self esteem.

Why not rescue a country
suffering from devastation, hunger and strife.

Too realistic, too mundane or soft.

Buying something ephemeral has way more ego value
in its intangibility

though the piece itself looks like a starving human.
The depths of self esteem.